The Uploadking on your Site feature allows webmasters to place the Uploadking upload form directly into their website or message board, thus allowing website visitors to experience the full power of Uploadking's image hosting.


  • Transparency and customizable txtcolor/size attributes allow for full integration with style of website.
  • Offsource bandwidth to Uploadking's servers.
  • Each upload opens in a new window, and allows website visitors to reach Uploadking without leaving website.
  • Website visitors retain their Uploadking accounts (if they have registered with Uploadking).
  • Direct Access to Uploadking from website.



  • Click anywhere in the Code Selection box to select the code.
  • Copy the code to website or message board.
  • Assign a hexadecimal color value to txtcolor (can usually be left as 111111).
  • Assign a hexadecimal color value to bgcolor (can usually be left as FFFFFF).
  • OPTIONAL: Assign "url" for the "upload" variable only if you are uploading by URL.
  • OPTIONAL: Assign "common" for the "upload" variable only if you are uploading by Form Upload.


Examples of Use:

  • Embed into front page to allow users the ability to upload images.
  • Embed into the reply and post-new-topic page of message boards for convenient image posting.
  • Create your own Image Hosting website! Place ads around the upload form, market the website, and profit!


Custom the upload from:

Text Color: Background Color

Code Selection Box(Common Upload):


Code Selection Box(URL Upload):


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